Sites hosted on the server

Web servers can host many websites. Web servers when it hosts websites for multiple users are known as “shared hosts”.

Shared Hosting is the common and affordable form of hosting. Since many users share one server to host their websites, it’s economical. Shared hosting is cheaper than any other types of hosting.

Speed and performance of the shared hosting are less because the resources are shared and limited. Moreover, the traffic may be less because of the activities of the other customers.

Bandwidth & Disk Space

In shared hosting, the disk space and bandwidth is limited since many customers use that server whereas dedicated hosting, bandwidth and disk space are dedicated entirely to an individual customer. There’s no resource sharing, so limitations.


In the shared hosting, since it is shared by many customers, the operating costs are also divided among them. This makes shared hosting low cost. But a dedicated server is dedicated solely to one user, it costs more.

No Technical maintenance

Service providers are responsible for the technical maintenance of the shared hosting server and no need for the technical maintenance by the customer but the traffic may be less.


With shared hosting, the service provider installs firewalls, server security applications and programs. The committed staff are tasked with providing a safe & stable operating environment. The security of a dedicated server is an organization’s risk. Hosting companies are vested with the responsibility for keeping your server highly powered and physically secured. With the dedicated server, your team will be able to control any security programs you install.

Dedicated hosting

Web servers that host websites only for a single person or company are called “dedicated hosts. Dedicated hosts are highly reliable than any shared hosts.

Dedicated servers are flexible with root access while setting up and configuring. Server Management Panel gives complete control of the server with actions like Start, Stop, Rebuild, etc. It allows maximum customization, configuration, installation, and overall flexibility. In a dedicated server, a customer leases a whole server along with all of its resources and so the security is more along with the highest performances.

Website & IP Blacklisting

There’s a chance that any search engines may blacklist your websites because others on the server may be in illegal or discouraged practices. Unwanted illegal other customers on a shared server can get the entire IP address blacklisted, making your websites practically less traffic. But in your own dedicated server, there is no chance for your website get blacklisted – unless you engage in any unethical or illegal internet practices.

Server Performance and Response Time

Since the Dedicated hosting is for a single customer, the traffic is more and so the business will go up to the next level. In the busiest competitive world, the information shared on the server is more important that it couldn’t be tampered by anyone.

Level of Control

Shared hosting means less control because of many users. A dedicated server gives a great opportunity for custom options and settings. You will have entire control over the server.

So shared hosting is good for small business and beginners and the Dedicated is the best for all including large scale business.