What is e-commerce?

Commercial activities by using the internet are known as e-commerce or electronic commerce. It is buying or selling any goods or services and also transferring of money or data for that sales.

Shared and Dedicated

Web servers can host many websites. Web servers which host websites for many customers are called “shared hosts”

Shared Hosting is the common and affordable form of hosting. Since many users share one server to host their websites, it’s economical. Shared hosting is cheaper than any other types of hosting.

Speed and performance of the shared hosting are less because the resources are shared and limited. Moreover, the traffic may be less because of the activities of the other customers.

No Technical maintenance

Service providers are responsible for the technical maintenance of the shared hosting server and no need for the technical maintenance by the customer but the traffic may be less.

Dedicated Hosting

Web servers that host websites only for a single person or company are called “dedicated hosts. Dedicated hosts are also more reliable when compared with shared hosts.

Dedicated servers are flexible with root access while setting up and configuring. Server Management Panel gives complete control of the server with actions like Start, Stop, Rebuild, etc. It allows better customization, high configuration, installation, and overall good flexibility. In a dedicated server, a customer leases a whole server along with all of its resources and so the security is more along with the highest performances.

Since the Dedicated hosting is for a single customer, the traffic is more and so the business will go up to the next level. In the busiest competitive world, the information shared on the server is more important than it couldn’t be tampered by anyone.

Never use shared web hosting for e-commerce projects because of its limitations and security issues.