High priority for Security

It’s necessary to have top-level security while running an online business and the dedicated server has optimal security that helps the server fully secure. Since the dedicated server is allotted to an individual customer, intrusion by others is fully prevented and better protection against viruses and malware.

High loading speed

Everyone wants to upload or download files from their server very fast and no one wants to wait for that. In shared hosting, this is lagging but in the Dedicated server the speed is high and so all customers rush to have that.

Availability of Flexibility

Dedicated servers give flexibility in customizing the server’s need for CPU,RAM,software & disk space whereas in shared hostings it’s limited.

Unique IP address available

Every server has its own unique IP address. In shared hosting, you share an IP address with multiple other websites. This means if your neighbour has a spam site, this leads your website rank to be pushed down. But in a Dedicated server, you own a unique IP address separately and it’s important for your E-commerce site.

Server management

Dedicated servers will be managed by the Service provider and so it’s easier for the customer to concentrate more on his business. Service providers will manage all the maintenance such as updating software, monitoring the server, protecting the site from viruses and malware, etc.

Operating system choices

In the dedicated hosting solution we can use operating systems on our choice such as a Windows Server OS or of the different Linux distributions.

First class technical support

Service providers with their dedicated server team will give the customers technical support by.24x7x365 on any troubleshooting issues.

Dedicated servers provides companies a unique high-performance with large storage option for hosting their applications. To enjoy the best from a dedicated server, you need a number of options, like choice of operating system, hardware, control panel, configuration of the server as required, the high security, the best server management, and the technical support put in place by a provider and the guaranteed uptime offered.