Take IT Maintenance Off Your To-Do List

Growth ideas. Hiring decisions. Whatever keeps you up at night as a business owner, it shouldn’t be your hosting.

Webnexs Servers delivers business hosting that’s so simple, reliable, and affordable, you never have to think about it. And as your company grows, we’ll ensure your technology evolves in lock step.

Let The Most Helpful Humans in Hosting® help you get back the time and money you would spend maintaining IT infrastructure. No complications. Just the hosting you need to power unlimited sales and success.

3 Reasons Business Owners Need Managed Hosting

You have enough make-or-break responsibilities already

Do you really want your to-do list to include daily OS and software patches, traffic monitoring, threat identification and mitigation, compliance and reporting, and ongoing hardware updates?

Hosting is our business

We aren’t just The Most Helpful Humans in Hosting® — we’re also expertly trained and highly experienced. Our team stays current on hosting technology and best practices so you don’t have to.

You can’t compromise on security

Whatever size your business, the sad truth is you will likely be targeted with cyber attacks. Seventy percent of all cyberattacks target small businesses, according to the National Cyber Security Alliance, and 60 percent of attacked SMBs go out of business around six months later. The cost of attacks only grows as your business scales. We keep your technology secure, so you don’t have to become an ugly statistic.

Featured Business Hosting Plans

Dedicated servers, VPS, Cloud, and Managed WordPress. It all lives here. At Webnexs Servers, we have more hosting technologies than any other
provider, so we can accommodate any project you’re working on, big or small.

Managed WordPress

Love building in WordPress but hate managing updates and security?

Let us handle it for you.

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Managed WooCommerce

Is your WooCommerce store’s slow speed losing you customers?

Test drive Managed WooCommerce Hosting.

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Server Clusters

Custom-built for your needs and ideal for high-volume eCommerce, mission-critical sites, SaaS, and compliance.

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VPS Hosting

Need root level access and a control panel like Interworx, cPanel or Plesk?

Launch a VPS (the fastest VPS in the industry!).

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Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers provide the ultimate in performance and security for your most demanding projects.

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