Governed Digital Ocean Hosting

Set and Measure Easily

Our Faster Development Services helps you to Publish and measure your services easily.

Customized DO Management

Our Do hosting has higher site load speed for accelerated revenue.

Pick your space and Class

Pick from a various A-la-Carte of storage and Shared vCPUs with superior class Intel Processors & unfaltering hyperthreads.

Plans & Pricing

Get it all: power, performance and flexible pricing. DigitalOcean starts as low as $70/mo with an annual plan.

Plan Name








Monthly Price


DO 1 2 GB RAM 2 Core Processor 50 GB SSD 2 TB Bandwidth Linux OS Free SSL Fully managed INR 5204/70 USD Sign Up
DO 2 4 GB RAM 2 Core Processor 80 GB SSD 4 TB Bandwidth Linux OS Free SSL Fully managed INR 5947/80 USD Sign Up
DO 3 8 GB RAM 4 Core Processor 160 GB SSD 5 TB Bandwidth Linux OS Free SSL Fully managed INR 7806/105 USD Sign Up
DO 4 16 GB RAM 6 Core Processor 320 GB SSD 6 TB Bandwidth Linux OS Free SSL Fully managed INR 11895/160 USD Sign Up
DO 5 32 GB RAM 8 Core Processor 640 GB SSD 7 TB Bandwidth Linux OS Free SSL Fully managed INR 18586/250 USD Sign Up
DO 6 48 GB RAM 12 Core Processor 960 GB SSD 7 TB Bandwidth Linux OS Free SSL Fully managed INR 26020/350 USD Sign Up

Wise Monitoring

Health check of the website intermittenly is our top priority.

Consistent Checks

Master access to the high-powered server time with Nginx, Varnish, PHP 7 & MariaDB.

Response Time

A quarter hour response time will assure a promising solution to all technical problems.

Assimilate Maximized Performance

Our Cache technology provides a phenomenol website experience saving your ample time.

Support Beyond Compare

Ensuring 100% uptime with uninterrupted monitoring.

Swift response

An Quarter Hour response time to assure a definitive solution.

Support Center

Phone and Email support team will be available around the clock for assistance.

Monthly Checks

Access to our audited report on monthly droplet of yours for assessing our work.

Resource Planning

From Storage to vCPU’s our resources are dedicated.

No more Feeling agitated from your business while managing cloud

Compass your business and let our Experts maneuver the cloud, for an unfaltering balance of your business and cloud.

Select a Server to Get Started

What Else Do You Need With Your DigitalOcean Droplets?

  • Akamai
  • Cloud Load Balancer
  • DDoS Protection
  • Premium Business Email
  • PCI Compliance Scanning
  • Server Protection for Linux
  • Server Protection for Windows
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Web Application Protection
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Benefits Of Fully Managed DigitalOcean Cloud

No More Need Of Extra Support Staffs

Webnexs Support assures for no more future requirement of IT team for any critical support for software and technology around the clock.

Minimized Resource Cost

We Strategize all the server requirements, so you’re royal to compass your company to the level.

Savvy & Security

Hassle Free Solutions and actions towards data protection is the main priority of Webnexs. Ensuring you to compass your business with a bliss.

Productive productivity

Spend less than your ample time on managing server and gain your precious time growing the business for the skyrocketing revenues.

Managed Digital Ocean FAQs

Our server management covers real-time server monitoring, which includes complete software/hardware installation, update, and management, 24/7 technical support, and security checks.

All Managed servers are not provided with root-level access as the complete server management is done by us. As per client requirement if you need the root access we will provide you.

Yes, you can install cPanel on these servers. Even we are giving all panel options during product order.

Infinitive Host DigitalOcean will offer an additional storage space under its feature known as Block Storage. With this, you can easily enable/disable block storage without any problem.

Yes, our managed DigitalOcean servers are quite capable of handling it, so you can easily manage your eCommerce stores and similar projects without any problem.

Hear What Others are Saying About Our Digital Ocean

That’s one great company where you can buy and forget about your maintenance. They take care of everything you’d need.

Sumera F.

Purchased an VPS 8GB and been with them for over 3 years. Going good so far. Recommended for their support.

Omar B.

Suresh has been awesome and my business is keeping up. I had one glitch, I admit , but it is well handled.

Rajeev M.

Well managed solutions and quick turn-around made me happier and Im staying with them so far. Thanks guys.

William C.

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