How to Enable SMTP Restrictions


The SMTP Protocol, also known as the Server Mail Transfer Protocol, is a set of rules for digital communication, such as electronic mail transmission, and SMTP servers are software that send, receive, or switch between outgoing mail senders and receivers whereas, in WHM is one of the most widely used hosting control panels. It is used by many hosting companies and allows access to the cPanel backend.

What is an SMTP restriction?

SMTP limits prevent users from sending mail without going via the mail server. This feature allows you to set your server up so that only the mail transport agent (MTA), Mailman mailing list software, and root user have access to remote SMTP servers. Let us look into how to enable this important feature of SMTP.

Restricting SMTP enables prevention of spam scripts in WHM. Preventing mails from bypassing the mail server and the mails are routed only through MTA, mailman, and root connect to remote SMTP servers.

NOTE: You need to have root access to follow the below steps.

In VPS Servers and Dedicated Server.

Using SMTP Restrictions

1.Sign in as root user into WHM.

2.Click on SMTP restrictions in the menu on the left side.

3.Enable SMTP Restrictions to enable the service.

For further details on SMTP Restrictions in WHM, Kindly visit the official documentation.

In Mail Section click on Tweak Settings for further changes in the configuration.

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