Creating cPanel Accounts in WHM

This tutorial walks you through creating cPanel accounts within WHM. Now you can manage, and host separate cPanel accounts independent from one another.

cPanel accounts are limited. For more details, please visit cPanel Pricing Changes. To know more about the plan features, please visit our FAQ on cPanel Pricing.

cPanel Accounts Creation

1. Log in to WHM.

2. Create a New Account by clicking on Account Functions.

3. Fill in the Domain information page with the description of the options given below.

DomaincPanel account’s primary domain name.
UsernamecPanel account’s username to log in.
PasswordcPanel account’s login password.
EmailEmail address to keep you updated with cPanel account information.

4. Select desired package from the dropdown.

5. Select your localae and default theme.

cPanel themeLayout and design of dashboard of the cPanel.
LocalecPanel account’s default language.

6. Set your DNS Settings. For further details, see our article on SPF and DKIM settings.

7. Set the Mail Routing Settings

Automatically Detect ConfigurationMX records are watched by cPanel to determine whether to send mail
locally or remotely.
Local Mail ExchangerUsed to receive the mail to the local server.
Backup Mail ExchangerUses the local server if remote mail attempts fail.
Remote Mail ExchangerUsed to send mail to elsewhere (third party email).

8. Click on the Create button.

Now you know how to create a cPanel account for your Dedicated server in WHM successfully.

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