cPanel Password Resetting in WHM

cPanel passwords can be resetted by using WHM for the clients on your dedicated server. cPanel password can be reset by the users after enabling the option in the Tweak settings of WHM (note: Making a Tweak Setting change requires root access). This tutorial will guide you through the steps for both options for the cPanel password reset.

cPanel Password Resetting using WHM

1. Log into WHM as the root user.

2. Click on List Accounts in the menu on the left column of the screen. It is under the Account Information section.

3. Click on the plus (+) sign in the left column next to each cPanel account that was created on the dedicated server.

4. Under the domain name, you will see a Change Password: 

5. Enter the new password for the cPanel account.

6. Click on the blue Change button to the right of the password field to save the new password.

7. Confirmation of the changed password will be provided by WHM. Make sure to notate the change and provide it to the appropriate account owner as necessary.

8. With WHM you can change passwords for cPanel accounts to prevent access, or to change the password out of a concern for security.

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