In this tutorial , let us see about creating cPanel accounts with WHM. From this you can manage and host the cPanel accounts separately that are independent from each other.


1 step :  Log in to WHM.

2 step :  There, you can click on Account functions and Create a New account option to create a new account.

3 step :  Fill all the fields regarding information in the Domain information page.

In the domain field, enter the primary domain name for the cPanel account.

Username field ,you can enter the username for logging into the cPanel account.

Password field, you can enter the login password into the cPanel account.

In email field, please enter the email address where you wish to receive notifications about the cPanel.

4 step :  After this from the package filed select the desired package.

5 step :  From settings, you can select your default theme and locale.

cPanel theme is where you can select the layout and also the design of the cPanel dashboard.

Locale is the default language of the cPanel.

6 step :  You can set your own DNS settings from DNS settings option.

7 stepMail routing settings are also available for you to set. You can set it from the mail routing settings.

When you click automatically detect configuration, the cPanel looks for the MX records for determining about sending mail locally or remotely.

Local mail exchanger option is the one you can use when you want the mail always in local server.

Backup mail exchanger can be used when you want the cPanel to use the local server if the remote mail is failed.

Use remote mail exchanger when you want your mail to send elsewhere like a third party email.

8 step :  After all these, Click on Create button.

Following these steps, you can easily create a cPanel account for a dedicated server or VPS in WHM.

You can also reset cPanel passwords in WHM when needed.