CPU Optimized Cloud Nodes

Using best-in-class Intel CPUs for compute-optimized VMs with dedicated hyper threads. The work loads rely on the CPU rather than the RAM.

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Every CPU Optimized Cloud Nodes Includes:

  • Instance Performance
  • High-performance computing
  • Super Optimized Cloud VMs
  • Cost Effect
  • Instant Scalability
  • Network performance

Plans & Pricing

Get it all: power, performance and flexible pricing. CPU Optimized Cloud Nodes starts as low as $50/mo with an annual plan.

Plan Name







Monthly Price


Cloud C1 12 GB RAM 4 core CPU 100 GB SSD Unlimited Free SSL Setup and Migration INR 3715/50 USD Sign Up
Cloud C2 15 GB RAM 6 core CPU 150 GB SSD Unlimited Free SSL Setup and Migration INR 4829/65 USD Sign Up
Cloud C3 20 GB RAM 8 core CPU 300 GB SSD Unlimited Free SSL Setup and Migration INR 5944/80 USD Sign Up
Cloud C4 30 GB RAM 12 core CPU 450 GB SSD Unlimited Free SSL Setup and Migration INR 11145/150 USD Sign Up
Cloud C5 40 GB RAM 16 core CPU 600 GB SSD Unlimited Free SSL Setup and Migration INR 11888/160 USD Sign Up
Cloud C6 80 GB RAM 24 core CPU 1200 GB SSD Unlimited Free SSL Setup and Migration INR 18575/250 USD Sign Up

Enjoy High Performance CPU Optimized Cloud Nodes

Instance Performance

Higher band width for your instance and regulated performance across workloads.

High-performance computing

HPC supports high complex computational problems.

Super Optimized Cloud VMs

Per-thread performance and memory speeds lets you customize your plan.

Cost Effect

Choose the best cost plan with highly flexible and secure performance computing.

Instant Scalability

Hassle free Upgrade/Downgrade of your server space based on your requirement.

Network performance

The optimized networking capabilities can be enabled on supported instance types.

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Enjoy the privileage with CPU Optimized Cloud Nodes.

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Managed CPU Optimized Cloud Nodes FAQs

Yes, these are fully managed servers and we are giving free setup and migration as well on the same.

Yes, but that will be a completely custom plan and you need to contact us and share your requirements, we will then create custom plans for you.

Server hardware will be ready within 10 minutes and then the setup process will start. That depends on your software and package requirements.

If you want to increase RAM or hard disk etc then we have to migrate the server to another hardware.

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That’s one great company where you can buy and forget about your maintenance. They take care of everything you’d need.

Sumera F.

Purchased an VPS 8GB and been with them for over 3 years. Going good so far. Recommended for their support.

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Suresh has been awesome and my business is keeping up. I had one glitch, I admit, but it is well handled.

Rajeev M.

Well managed solutions and quick turn-around made me happier and Im staying with them so far. Thanks guys.

William C.

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