AMP whose abbreviation is Account Management Panel, is the primary user interface for your hosting account. For your Managed VPS hosting subscription, AMP includes invoicing, contact, and hosting services information. You may also use AMP to inspect, edit, and delete services. Below, we have described the most relevant uses of AMP.

Managing your AMP account

Under manage my account, you can inspect your contact and billing information. All the history of payments and the purchases you do will appear here. When you make your payments, you can update it every time. There are several other options for you. We will look into it briefly.

Update credit card                                              Whenever you make payments, you can update your credit card details here.

Reset password                                                    Here you can reset your AMP password.

Register domain                                                   You can register a domain through Webnexs hosting here.

Transfer domain                                                  Any information regarding transferring a domain in provided here.

Contact information                                            It allows you to add, view and edit your contact details.

Pay bill                                                                   Here you can pay bill items in your account.

Purchase additional hosting                              Here you can add your additional accounts for hosting.


Tools in AMP for managed VPS hosting

Manage my cloud server                                    You can manage your server by looking at the links to start, stop, access VPS.

cPanel                                                                     You will be provided with the cPanel link.

Reset password                                                     When you need to reset a password,  you can reset your cPanel password.

WHM                                                                       Accessible link to WHM is provided.

Account technical details                                    All technical details about the account is given.

Email                                                                       Readily accessible link for email options can be accessed.

Download BoldGrid                                              Users can download BoldGrid plugin for WordPress through the link.

Purchase Softaculous                                            A link to purchase an application installer softaculous is provided.

Purchase SSL certificate                                       This is the option where you can purchase SSL certificate.

Simple CSR request for 3rd party SSL               It is a tool where you can request CSR 3rd party SSL certificates.

Change hosting plan                                              An account owner can change a hosting plan to another when necessary.

Request root access                                               They will provide you with a form to request a root access.

DNS zone editor                                                     Link is given to DNS zone editor for the account.

Website transfer request                                      If you wish to transfer a website, you can choose website transfer tool.

Restart VPS                                                             Restart your VPS using this tool.


Logging in through AMP into WHM

If you have logged in to AMP, then you can easily log in to WHM too through a shortcut. In case you need a root access for some of the WHM features, them you need to login with root user.

 1 step         :   Log into AMP account.

 2 step         :   Look into the icon WHM and click it.

 3  step        :   You will be logged in to the WHM account after filling the username and password.

You will be now having a better knowledge of the options accessible to you in managing your account now that you have completed the AMP overview.